In Keystone, we provide independent and impartial valuation on all types of tangible assets including agricultural land, residential houses and projects, retail, offices, public houses, industrial plants, warehouses, hotel and resorts, small to larger scale real estate development may it be an ongoing project or an abandoned one. Our valuation could also be provided on development feasibility study and appraisal to obtain other than current market value, a future completed value. Our strong experiences are gained over the years practicing the trade in developed markets as well as emerging markets.

Our clients in valuation come from all kinds of background, like international investors, fund, insurance companies, accounting firms and banking corporations to all kind of businesses and asset owners of schools, hospitals, golf and country resorts, galleries, petrol stations, cement plants, retail malls, processing factories and etc.

Our standard of valuation meets all rulings and abide by the good practice bridge by the RICS and IVS, that we pride ourselves over our choice to upkeep professional integrity in the industry’s highest and stringent professional code of ethic and conducts. Our valuation reports are prepared diligently and our deliverables meet the purpose of use for IPO, mortgage financing, audit and accounting, merger and acquisition, arbitration hearing, rating & taxation, and negotiation consideration.       

We are part of the panel of valuers of the following banks: 

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